World Affairs

Add your voice to the public debate on the major issues of our time.

Benefit Jewish communities at home and around the world.

Women’s League represents you in major national and international Jewish and communal organizations and supports the Conservative / Masorti Movement worldwide.

Women’s League also provides the following:

  • Updates from the United Nations
  • Canadian Public Policy: On the Canadian Scene
  • Washington Liaison who represents us at the organizations based in Washington, DC, and advocates on our behalf
  • Masorti Women International, a vital outgrowth of our commitment to the women of the Conservative/Masorti movement in Israel and worldwide
  • Resolutions

Where in the world are Conservative/Masorti congregations?

Check out these easy-to-use websites to find congregations and hear the latest news:

To view informational videos and how to vote for the Mercaz slate in the World Jewish Congress election, click here.