Programming Ideas

Toby Maser and Jill Tomar, Programming Co-Chairs of WLCJ


September 6, 2023

As we are beginning 5784 and sisterhoods/affiliates are beginning their busy year, we would like to introduce ourselves as your new Programming Chairs of WLCJ. My name is Jill Tomar, and I am past president and past Torah Fund vice president of Florida Region. Toby Mazer is past president of INR and has been a consultant for WLCJ for more than 15 years. We both come with many experiences in programming but are always learning new things. 

We are planning to put an article in WL Week every other week. We have a small committee working with us, consisting of Debbie Green (CGLR) and Terry Jonas (Florida). We plan to present easily-implemented programs for all size Sisterhood Affiliates, from those with fewer than 50 members to those with more than 300 members. There are many resources available on the WLCJ website, as well as many programs from the Jewels of the Crown Awards. Jewels of the Crown Awards recognize programming from Sisterhood Affiliates in a range of categories, and we plan to highlight some of these exemplary programs in our biweekly articles.

We are both available to help your Sisterhood Affiliate as needed. If you have great programs that you would like to share or need some programming advice, please contact one of us.  

Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and sweet New Year!

Jill and Toby