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Sisterhood Events

The following are just a sampling of some of the events for which Women’s League provides materials and support to sisterhoods.

Women’s League Shabbat

Each year, the members of affiliated sisterhoods celebrate the 1918 founding of Women’s League by Mathilde Schechter with a special Shabbat service. Women’s League provides readings, divrei Torah, and suggestions to help create a meaningful commemoration and Shabbat experience.

Women’s League Shabbat Dates, 2020-2023

  • 2020/5780 – January 18/21 Tevet, Parashat Shemot
  • 2021/5781 – January 16/3 Shevat, Parashat Va’era
  • 2022/5782 – January 15/13 Shevat, Parashat Beshalach
  • 2023/5783 – January 21/28 Tevet, Parashat Va’era

Jewels in the Crown Awards

​What are the Jewels in the Crown of Women’s League? Every sisterhood in our network can be a shining jewel when it offers programs that nurture and sustain Jewish life and vitality in their local communities. Sisterhoods who met the criteria of a wide range of activities — those developed and sponsored by Women’s League as well as home-grown programs and initiatives — have been acknowledged as the glittering jewels in the Women’s League crown.​​ Awards were presented at the past two conventions.

The next round of Jewels in the Crown Awards will be presented at Convention 2020. Begin now to keep record of all of your programming, from August 2017 through May 2020  in order to apply for your own Jewel in the Crown Award. Categories are:

  • Education/Programming
  • Community Service/World Affairs
  • Women’s League Activities/Initiatives
  • Special recognition for original programs

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Other Events