A Full Array of Programs and Events

The education of its members has been a guiding principle of Women’s League since its founding in 1918. Over the decades it has helped women to strengthen their Jewish identity, understand their heritage, develop a Jewish pattern of life, enhance their home observances and holiday celebrations, and study from Jewish sources.

In addition, Women’s League provides a wide variety of programs to enhance members’ leadership abilities, encourage synagogue skills, and enrich Judaic crafts.

The following are just a sampling of the varied programs that Women’s League provides its sisterhoods and individual members.

  • Jewels in the Crown Awards – Sisterhoods who met the criteria of a wide range of activities — those developed and sponsored by Women’s League as well as home-grown programs and initiatives — have been acknowledged as the glittering jewels in the Women’s League crown.
  • Creative Judaic Arts – original patterns, projects and designs for a wide variety of crafts
  • Seasonal materials to enhance holiday and home celebrations
  • BookMarks – Semi-annual newsletter with author and reading lists
  • Women’s League Shabbat – Each year, affiliated sisterhoods celebrate the 1918 founding of Women’s League by Mathilde Schechter with a special Shabbat service. Women’s League provides readings, divrei Torah, and suggestions to help create a meaningful commemoration and Shabbat experience.
  • NEW! Mathilde’s Mentionables – At Convention 2017, Women’s League’s introduced its newest social action project in honor of our founder Mathilde Schechter. The mission of Mathilde’s Mentionables, in cooperation with I Support the Girls, is to collect bras for women in shelters or victims of natural disasters. Over 5,000 bras were collected for Convention 2017, and we hope our regions and sisterhoods will continue the program on the local level.

Materials, action alerts, updates are all available in these areas, as well: