Wellness and Learning


In 2013, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism introduced its Wellness and Learning network. Each month we present opportunities for women to learn about their own health and wellness as well as to engage in Jewish study.

A year earlier, Southern Region of Women’s League started on a journey to explore its members’ health and wellness. Challenged by their region president, Anne Greenbaum, they began to look at their health needs and the resources available for healing and growth. The Wellness and Learning Project was born from the understanding of the importance of bringing together one’s physical, emotional and cognitive selves. The program encouraged women to strive for personal wellness through changes in behavior and expanded Jewish knowledge through study. As part of this journey, they recognized spirituality as an essential piece of personal well-being.

At Convention 2012, a larger group was involved in workshops discussing wellness and spirituality. An additional 100 members were involved in a survey of the impact of religious activities on well-being. In spring 2013, the Women’s League board of directors established a Wellness Committee composed of health professionals, female clergy, educators and lay leaders. They have developed a list of health and wellness topics, ranging from Torah Yoga to the physical need and the spiritual dimensions of water.

The project continues and whenever a new set of readings is available,  members of Women’s League are notified. On Rosh Chodesh women will be encouraged to take a minute for themselves to focus on their own health needs and to consider a piece of Jewish study on the subject.

Monthly Offerings