Women’s League Reads

Registered WLCJ members are invited to join Women’s League Reads, a worldwide conversation about books of interest to today’s Jewish women.  Women’s League Reads is a moderated online discussion group, via Google Groups, for members of Women’s League in which everyone is invited to post comments, ask questions and make observations about the book.

Membership in Women’s League Reads is open only to members in good standing of Women’s League-affiliated sisterhoods or to individual members who have paid dues directly to Women’s League. You may subscribe to by contacting Lois Silverman, Internet Services Chair, at lsilverman@wlcj.org, with your e-mail address, sisterhood name/town/state, or individual member information, and thereby join the online group for book news and discussions. For other questions and comments, contact Book Chairs Merle Carrus or Susan Farber.

WL Reads is a member-benefit program of Women’s League. Those who have joined the group will receive directions for the Live Interview several weeks ahead. To join, write to Lois Silverman at lsilverman@wlcj.org with your Sisterhood name or individual WLCJ member ID.

For other questions and comments, contact Merle Carrus merlesoffice@gmail.com or
Susan Farber


View all Women’s League Reads videos here.

To join Women’s League Reads, click here. Include your name, email, sisterhood, or notice that you are an individual member of Women’s League (not a member of a sisterhood). In addition to reading together, we look forward to sharing some exciting benefits of participation in this group.


To view the WL Reads, Resource Guide October, 2022 Update, click here.