Jewels in the Crown Awards–Past Awards and Those for 2023

In 2010, Women’s League began the tradition of bestowing Jewels in the Crown awards to some of our Sisterhood Affiliates at our Conventions. These awards recognize those Sisterhood Affiliates which meet certain standards of education, engagement, and participation. A crown signifies sovereignty. Those Sisterhood Affiliates who achieve this award are the best at educating, inspiring, and helping others.  This is accomplished through their own programs and events or through the use of programs and events designed and presented by Women’s League.

At the next WLCJ International Convention in 2023, we will again bestow these awards on those Sisterhood Affiliates who meet certain requirements. As we plan for 2023, we are taking into account the pandemic and how it has affected planning and programming and how it may continue to do so. COVID has put a damper on meetings, programs, and events. Nevertheless, we are encouraging all Sisterhood Affiliates to keep Jewels in the Crown in mind as you work on your events for the remainder of this year and for next year in order to be eligible to receive an award. Our goal is to motivate as many of our Sisterhood Affiliates as we can to take this opportunity to receive a Jewels in the Crown award. 

One new addition will be some information on diversity and inclusion initiatives which you might be surprised to realize your Sisterhood Affiliate has already done. Have you adapted a program to allow for the participation of our differently abled members, or done a program which reaches out to our membership from marginalized communities?

More information on all things Jewels in the Crown will be forthcoming to help our member affiliates plan for their award applications. It is wonderful to be able to say to the members of your Sisterhood Affiliate, to the members of your synagogue, and to prospective members that yours is an award-winning organization. We look forward to welcoming our newest award-winning affiliates who will be designated a Jewel in the Crown of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism at our Convention in 2023!

Jewels in the Crown 2023 Co-Chair

Anne Schimberg                         Karen Winer


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Application and supporting materials must be submitted to Women’s League by March 16, 2023.

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Past Jewels in the Crown Awards

What are the Jewels in the Crown of Women’s League? Every sisterhood in our network can be a shining jewel when it offers programs that nurture and sustain Jewish life and vitality in their local communities. Sisterhoods who met the criteria of a wide range of activities — those developed and sponsored by Women’s League as well as home-grown programs and initiatives — have been acknowledged as the glittering jewels in the Women’s League crown. Awards have been presented at the past four conventions again. Click here.