Women’s League Shabbat 2023

2023/5783 – January 21/28 Tevet
Parashat Vaera
You are invited to tailor the following texts to meet the needs and goals of your Women’s League Shabbat committee. We have included poems and readings based on the theme of Chazak v’Ematz and we have provided a D’var Torah to be used on January 21, 2023 for Parashat Vaera, and a generic D’var Torah to be used if you schedule your Women’s League Shabbat for a different date. We have also included letters of greeting that may be read at your services from Women’s League International President Debbi Kaner Goldich, Women’s League Torah Fund Chair Barbara Ezring and Women’s League Executive Director Rabbi Ellen Wolintz-Fields

Additional materials for WL Shabbat coming soon