Divrei Nashim: Words of Our Women

A history of Divrei Nashim: Around 2007, Women’s League introduced a new concept for the study of our sacred texts and traditions. We transitioned from Divrei Torah, study units that were read to a group to start a meeting, to Divrei Hokhmah, modules consisting of a unit of study and discussion that were directed by anyone, no training, skills or previous knowledge necessary. The modules were designed as a way to begin each sisterhood meeting or program with some study, following one theme through the course of a year.

We have changed the name of our Divrei Hokhmah to Divrei Nashim to recognize the women who wrote each module.  These new Divrei Nashim continue to follow one theme and have been created to be read at the start of a meeting or, using the questions provided, as a study session/discussion.

The theme for 5780 is chesed, the Hebrew word for kindness. The word is also translated as “loving kindness,” conveying the deep love that animates Jewish acts of kindness, done without thought of reward. (Rabbi Lilly Kaufman)

Thank you to the Women’s League members who created the 2019-2020 Divrei Nashim.

2019 Divrei Nashim: Chesed

2018 Divrei Nashim: Atid/Future

2017 Divrei Hochmah

2016: Words That Hurt/Words That Heal

2015: Mishpachah: The Modern Jewish Family

2014: Derekh Eretz: R.E.S.P.E.C.T.

2013: Hiddur Mitzvah: Enhancing Mitzvot

2012: Pirkei Imahot: The Wisdom of Our Mothers

2011: The Environment

2010: Kol Ishah

2009: Heart and Soul

2008: Proverbs

2007: The Ten Commandments