Learning for Learning’s Sake

Since its inception, almost a century ago, Women’s League has been dedicated to creating a Jewishly knowledgeable laity. In every generation that has meant something new. In today’s electronic world, with so much iinformation available, the role of Women’s League remains to help sisterhoods foster educated and committed Jewish women.

Here are some suggestions to implement in your sisterhood:

Begin your meetings with study from Divrei Hokhmah

A new concept for the study of our sacred texts and traditions, each Divrei Hokhmah module has ten units of study that can be directed by anyone, no training, skills or previous knowledge necessary! These modules were designed as a way of introducing each sisterhood meeting or program, with one theme running through the course of a year. All you need to do is ask one person to be responsible at each meeting to lead the discussion. There are both teacher guides and participants’ texts.

Host a Day of Study

Sophisticated day-long, member-led programs that focus on the biblical texts of the book of Psalms and of the Five Megillot. Each study guide includes English texts and step-by-step lesson plans.

Each unit contains four or more detailed study guides for the leaders with a separate package of textsfor the participants. A complementary Jewish handcraft project is included.

Pick a theme for the year

Provide a variety of opportunities to look at a single theme over the course of the year. Discuss it at meetings, offer a Sunday morning coffee+ program, begin an online discussion, speak about it during Women’s League Shabbat. Materials from Women’s League include:

  • Mishpachah – The Modern Jewish Family is an expanding program that offers new materials every month from Women’s League
  • Mitzvah Yomit – A Mitzvah a Day encouraging members to be aware of the mitzvot that they already perform and to increase their level of performance.
  • The Hiddur Mitzvah Project – Crafts, recipes, words of wisdom, family projects, and more, all designed to enhance your observance of the Jewish holidays and shabbat.You can order the complete book from the Women’s League website or download individual holiday sections.

Offer an adult bat mitzvah class

Work with your rabbi or education director and take advantage of Etz Hayim He, the Women’s League two-year study curriculum for adult education prepared by the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary.

Encourage membership in Kolot BiK’Dushah

The society of Kolot biK’dushah, established in the early 1990s, is our way of recognizing our members who have acquired skills as either baalot tefillah (prayer leaders) or baalot kri’ah (Torah readers). If there are women in your sisterhood (and we are sure there are!), ask them to become members of Kolot BiK’dushah by asking your rabbi or cantor to fill out the application form. There is also a category, Banot BiK’dushah, for post-bat mitzvah girls.