Kolot BiK’dushah

Categories and Guidelines


We, at Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, are justifiably proud of the accomplishments women have achieved in our synagogues over the past 20 years. We are also very proud of our own membership that has grown exponentially in Jewish learning and ritual skills. The society of Kolot biK’dushah, established in the early 1990s, is our way of recognizing our members who have acquired skills as either baalot tefillah (prayer leaders) or baalot kri’ah (Torah readers).

The various categories of Kolot biK’dushah reflect our ongoing commitment to Jewish learning and living. Women’s League welcomes women (of all ages) who have demonstrated a mastery of ritual skills that were once virtually closed to us.

Kolot BiK’dushah

Women who through commitment and study have demonstrated skills and distinguished themselves in the synagogue as Torah readers and/or baalot tefillah (prayer leaders). A Women’s League member can apply as either a baalat tefillah or baalat kri’ah (or both). The nominee is sponsored by her sisterhood president and her skills are confirmed by either the rabbi or cantor. Download the application here.

Banot BiK’dushah

This category is for post-bat mitzvah girls who have acquired Torah reading and/or davening skills, and who regularly participate in synagogue or USY services. They are nominated by their sisterhood presidents and their skills are confirmed by either the rabbi or cantor. Download the application here.

Nashim BiK’dushah

This category is open only to women who have outstanding liturgical skills and who use those skills regularly. Members must be willing and able to lead services for Women’s League, region and sisterhood events. Potential members are nominated by their sisterhoods, but the category requires a more thorough review by their synagogue clergy. Additionally, any member of Nashim BiK’dushah must be willing to lead all types of Women’s League services, including Birkat haMazon. Download the application here.