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Customized Services Available to Every Women’s League Sisterhood

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Your sisterhood’s per capita dues entitle you to an array of customized services from Women’s League designed to meet your sisterhood’s needs.

Find out how to enhance your sisterhood’s image in the synagogue and in the community.

Help your sisterhood thrive by helping your leadership acquire the information and skills they need.

An Invitation from Women’s League

Be sure that your sisterhood is getting all it can from Women’s League. Put your per capita dues to work and let Women’s League provide the services necessary to maintain a strong, healthy and vibrant sisterhood.

Invite a Women’s League consultant into your sisterhood for an on-site seminar. In just a few hours, every woman can benefit from the skills of a dynamic consultant who will take you on one of the most exciting journeys of your organization’s life! On-site seminars are designed to energize your sisterhood by enhancing individual skills, motivating members and expanding involvement.

Or, you can choose to meet with a consultant in a smaller group or even one-on-one to troubleshoot, deal with a one-time issue or even just to have your hand held.

And there are more services available for all of your members, like the Help Line and Distance Workshops.

All these are available at no charge, thanks to your affiliation with Women’s League.

For more information,  email Sandy Berenbaum, Consulting Services Chair.

Women’s League Consulting Services Menu

On-site Seminars – A Women’s League consultant will visit your sisterhood and facilitate a workshop on a variety of topics to meet the challenges of your sisterhood:

  • Communications & Social Media
  • Goal Setting/Strategic Planning
  • Leadership Development
  • Membership
  • Dealing with Sisterhood Challanges
  • Sisterhood & the Synagogue Community
  • Team Building
  • Sisterhood 101

To request a consulting services seminar, click here.

Specialized Seminars

  • Nominating: Fill positions of the executive committee and board
  • Presidium: Help when the position of president is filled by more than one person
  • Finding a President: Develop new leadership willing to take a chance and make the commitment

Conference Calls – A specialized consultant or Women’s League director will work with your sisterhood president, leaders or committees on a variety of topics or concerns.

Individual Mentoring – A personal mentor will work one on one with a sisterhood president.

Distance Workshops – Offered monthly, these online and/or conference call workshops delve into areas of interest to our sisterhoods and members

PrezNet – A moderated listserve where sisterhood presidents share ideas and helpful information. Email Renee Ravich to join.

Leadership Institutes – Held twice a year, these two-day intense training experiences can prepare you for the challenges of leadership.

Women’s League Consultants

All consulting services are led by professionally-trained volunteers.

No remuneration is permitted.

Consultant’s travel and hotel expenses are paid by Women’s League. Sisterhoods are responsible for meals and transportation to and from the airport and hotel.

Assignments are made only through the Women’s League office. Consultants may not accept assignments directly from a sisterhood. For an on-site seminar, please contact Women’s League at least six weeks prior to the preferred date.

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