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Calendar Diary

2020-2021 Calendar Diary ($10.00) — Order the most recent Women's League Calendar Diary, based on the theme of Sisters Journeying Together. Includes: Shabbat and holiday listings, plus Torah readings; Candle lighting times in cities in the United States, Canada and Israel; Ample room for notes; Prayers and berakhot; Updated locations of Sisterhoods in North America and Kehillot in Israel; Mourner's Kaddish, translated and transliterated.

For the Family

Birkat Hamazon Abbreviated Tri-fold Edition ($5.00) — This laminated card is published by the Rabbinical Assembly.

Count Your Blessings ($11.50) — A compilation of the most often recited berakhot (blessings) in Hebrew, English and transliteration.

Individual Yellow Candle ($5.00) — Support FJMC's Yellow Candle initiative by purchasing an individual candle through Women's League. As the High Holidays are approaching, and we will be reciting the Yizkor Memorial Prayers on Yom Kippur (October 9, 2019), as well as on Shemini Atzeret (October 21, 2019), we are writing to you now, to encourage you to purchase some yellow candles, and to encourage people to light this as their Yizkor candle – both for their loved ones, as well as the 6 million who perished in the Holocaust, who may not have anyone currently saying Kaddish for them.

Interdating: A Jewish Parents Guide ($4.50) — By Rabbi Alan Silverstein. Ten questions and answers.

Making Your Kitchen Kosher: A Step-by-Step Guide ($6.50) — Easy to follow directions for those moving into a new house, starting out with their first home, or changing to a kosher kitchen.

Naming Certificates (Boys) ($4.00) — Reproductions from Welcome to the World suitable for framing.

Naming Certificates (Girls) ($4.00) — Reproductions from Welcome to the World suitable for framing.

Simhat Bat Kit ($10.00) — An introduction by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, with scripts and readings to create a ceremony welcoming and naming a newborn daughter.

The Women’s League Hiddur Mitzvah Project ($20.00) — A fresh approach to enhancing the observance of mitzvot organized around the Jewish calendar.


A Tree of Life: Ecological Cantata ($12.00) — A cantata with original music for mixed chorus; high or medium soloist and piano.

Day of Study Kits — Material includes biblical, midrashic and contemporary text, self-guided analysis, and projects. - Ruth Study Guide ($22.50) ** - Esther Study Guide ($22.50) ** - Esther Family Study Guide ($24) ** - Kohelet Study Guide ($22.50) - Song of Songs Study Guide (includes cd) ($28) ** - Eikhah Study Guide (includes cd) ($28) ** - Tehillim Study Guide ($28) **

Etz Chayim He ($85.00) — Two-year study curriculum for adult education prepared by the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Also available as individual study guides, $17.50 each: Jewish Prayer, The Mitzvot, Shabbat, Rosh Hodesh, The Holidays, Jewish Theology, Women in Judaism, Tallit and Tefillin, Making Midrash, and/or The Israel Connection.

Hebrew Word Guide ($12.50) — Basic Hebrew vocabulary and usage in Hebrew, English and transliterations.

I’dud L’Ray’im ($6.50) — Caring encouragement for friends of people with disabilities.

The Mitzvah of Bikkur Holim ($4.00) — A guide to forming a Sisterhood Bikkur Holim Committee to visit the sick, comfort the mourner and build community.

Under the Wings of the Sh’khinah: A Jewish Healing Service ($6.50) — A complete service for those seeking comfort and hope in God’s sheltering presence.

SALE! With Strength & Splendor: Jewish Women as Agents of Change ($5 per single book, ONLY sold by the case - bulk order 12 books per carton and shipping is on us!) — Meet 47 remarkable Jewish women who made a difference in every walk of life, from authors to dancers, athletes to judges, teachers to scientists. A perfect gift for a bat mitzvah, graduation, teacher appreciation.


2017 Convention T-Shirt ($5.00) — Available in XL, XXL, and XXXL

Blueprint for Membership^^ ($10.00) — A complete approach to building sisterhood membership.

Divrei Hokhmah-Words of Wisdom ($8.75) — Each unique mini-lessons to open meetings or events with the study of Jewish texts and ideas - Kol Ishah ** - Heart & Soul ** - Proverbs ** - The Ten Commandments ** - The Environment ** - Derekh Eretz: R*E*S*P*E*C*T ** - Hiddur Mitzvah **

Image Plus Public Relations Handbook ($8.00) — Complete guide to publicity, brochures, social networking, the media, and more.

Kippah ($10.00) — Cream-colored Women's League kippah with gold embroidery

Leagrams ($20.00 per 100) — Can be used in place of commercial greeting cards for congratulatory messages, expressions of sympathy, etc. Covers to package several for same recipient: $5.00 per 12.

New Sisterhood President’s Pin from Women’s League ($68.00) — This beautiful, two-toned pin is available to present to any sisterhood president, new or outgoing. The cost is $68.00 per pin.

Sisterhood Advisor ($12.00) — A Handbook for Sisterhoods

The Sisterhood Planner^^ ($12.00) — Programming throughout the year, including program outlines, public relations guidelines, resources, and much more.

The Ways to the Means^^ ($12.00) — A guide for planning successful ways & means projects.

The Z’havah Planner^^ ($10.00) — A fresh approach to programming for younger women.

Creative Judaic Arts

Aleph Bet Variations, Second Edition ($11.50) — Eighteen new and revised Hebrew alphabets to be used for needlecrafts and other media.

Headcoverings ($11.50) — Beautiful designs in a variety of media.