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Calendar Diary

2020-2021 Calendar Diary ($5.00) — Order the most recent Women's League Calendar Diary, based on the theme of Sisters Journeying Together. Includes: Shabbat and holiday listings, plus Torah readings; Candle lighting times in cities in the United States, Canada and Israel; Ample room for notes; Prayers and berakhot; Updated locations of Sisterhoods in North America and Kehillot in Israel; Mourner's Kaddish, translated and transliterated.

For the Family

Birkat Hamazon Abbreviated Tri-fold Edition ($5.00) — This laminated card is published by the Rabbinical Assembly.

Count Your Blessings ($11.50) — A compilation of the most often recited berakhot (blessings) in Hebrew, English and transliteration.

Interdating: A Jewish Parents Guide ($4.50) — By Rabbi Alan Silverstein. Ten questions and answers.

Making Your Kitchen Kosher: A Step-by-Step Guide ($6.50) — Easy to follow directions for those moving into a new house, starting out with their first home, or changing to a kosher kitchen.

Naming Certificates (Boys) ($4.00) — Reproductions from Welcome to the World suitable for framing.

Naming Certificates (Girls) ($4.00) — Reproductions from Welcome to the World suitable for framing.

Simhat Bat Kit ($10.00) — An introduction by Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, with scripts and readings to create a ceremony welcoming and naming a newborn daughter.

The Women’s League Hiddur Mitzvah Project ($20.00) — A fresh approach to enhancing the observance of mitzvot organized around the Jewish calendar.


A Tree of Life: Ecological Cantata ($12.00) — A cantata with original music for mixed chorus; high or medium soloist and piano.

Day of Study Kits — Material includes biblical, midrashic and contemporary text, self-guided analysis, and projects. - Ruth Study Guide ($22.50) ** - Esther Study Guide ($22.50) ** - Esther Family Study Guide ($24) ** - Kohelet Study Guide ($22.50) - Song of Songs Study Guide (includes cd) ($28) ** - Eikhah Study Guide (includes cd) ($28) ** - Tehillim Study Guide ($28) **

Etz Chayim He ($85.00) — Two-year study curriculum for adult education prepared by the Melton Research Center for Jewish Education at the Jewish Theological Seminary. Also available as individual study guides, $17.50 each: Jewish Prayer, The Mitzvot, Shabbat, Rosh Hodesh, The Holidays, Jewish Theology, Women in Judaism, Tallit and Tefillin, Making Midrash, and/or The Israel Connection.

Hebrew Word Guide ($12.50) — Basic Hebrew vocabulary and usage in Hebrew, English and transliterations.

I’dud L’Ray’im ($6.50) — Caring encouragement for friends of people with disabilities.

The Mitzvah of Bikkur Holim ($4.00) — A guide to forming a Sisterhood Bikkur Holim Committee to visit the sick, comfort the mourner and build community.

Under the Wings of the Sh’khinah: A Jewish Healing Service ($6.50) — A complete service for those seeking comfort and hope in God’s sheltering presence.

SALE! With Strength & Splendor: Jewish Women as Agents of Change ($5 per single book, ONLY sold by the case - bulk order 12 books per carton and shipping is on us!) — Meet 47 remarkable Jewish women who made a difference in every walk of life, from authors to dancers, athletes to judges, teachers to scientists. A perfect gift for a bat mitzvah, graduation, teacher appreciation.


2017 Convention T-Shirt ($5.00) — Available in XL, XXL, and XXXL

Blueprint for Membership^^ ($10.00) — A complete approach to building sisterhood membership.

Divrei Hokhmah-Words of Wisdom ($8.75) — Each unique mini-lessons to open meetings or events with the study of Jewish texts and ideas - Kol Ishah ** - Heart & Soul ** - Proverbs ** - The Ten Commandments ** - The Environment ** - Derekh Eretz: R*E*S*P*E*C*T ** - Hiddur Mitzvah **

Image Plus Public Relations Handbook ($8.00) — Complete guide to publicity, brochures, social networking, the media, and more.

Kippah ($10.00) — Cream-colored Women's League kippah with stamped logo design

Leagrams ($20.00 per 100) — Can be used in place of commercial greeting cards for congratulatory messages, expressions of sympathy, etc. Covers to package several for same recipient: $5.00 per 12.

New Sisterhood President’s Pin from Women’s League ($68.00) — This beautiful, two-toned pin is available to present to any sisterhood president, new or outgoing. The cost is $68.00 per pin.

Sisterhood Advisor ($12.00) — A Handbook for Sisterhoods

The Sisterhood Planner^^ ($12.00) — Programming throughout the year, including program outlines, public relations guidelines, resources, and much more.

The Ways to the Means^^ ($12.00) — A guide for planning successful ways & means projects.

The Z’havah Planner^^ ($10.00) — A fresh approach to programming for younger women.

Creative Judaic Arts

Aleph Bet Variations, Second Edition ($11.50) — Eighteen new and revised Hebrew alphabets to be used for needlecrafts and other media.

Headcoverings ($11.50) — Beautiful designs in a variety of media.