Mathilde’s Mentionables

Introducing Mathilde’s Mentionables

In the traditions of gemilut hasidim (acts of loving kindness) and tikkun olam (repairing the world), Women’s League provides many opportunities for its members to engage with helping others, both in their communities and on the world stage.

At Convention 2017, Women’s League’s introduced a social action project: Mathilde’s Mentionables, in honor of our founder Mathilde Schechter. The mission of Mathilde’s Mentionables, in cooperation with I Support the Girls, is to collect bras for women in shelters or victims of natural disasters. Over 5,000 bras were collected for Convention 2017, and we hope our regions and sisterhoods will continue the program on the local level.

How Can I Help?

Your local sisterhood can still help by collecting and donating new and nearly new bras (used bras must be washed) of all sizes and types – nursing bras, training bras, mastectomy bras, sports bras, white bras, colored bras, etc. Please gather bras that have been worn only briefly if they did not fit well. Participants are also encouraged to buy new bras from discount stores or talk to friends and neighbors about donations. Sisterhoods can organize a donation bin at their local synagogue or community center, and then choose a local charity that will benefit from the donations.

Sisterhoods can also collect feminine hygiene products, tampons, pads, and other basic necessities for girls and women. These items also “get used up” and continually must be replaced.

You can also hold a charitable event, like a Pink Shabbat. Visit for more information on how a Sharsheret Pink Shabbat can benefit your community.

Download the Official Mathilde’s Mentionables Packet:

Through donations of new and nearly new bras and feminine hygiene products we will be repairing one of the tears in the world.