Taking a Stand

by Women’s League

In light of current events regarding sexual harassment, assault, and rape, Women’s League feels the need to bring this concern to the fore – and perhaps encourage discussion among members who feel particularly affected or triggered by the public disclosure of these issues.

While Women’s League has received comments from members who encourage us to adopt an official position on sexual harassment, rest assured that we are in the process of considering valuable next steps in order to properly address this multi-faceted subject. Women’s League has taken official positions condemning Child Abuse (1984), Domestic Violence (1996), and Battered Women (1984) with the intention of helping those who have been traumatized by such reprehensible acts. There are no immediate plans to amend or remove these resolutions, although we will consider further means to educate on sexual harassment, and to ensure that similarly inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated in our worldwide community.

We also understand that people of all backgrounds, religions, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender identities are not immune to being victimized – or even perpetrating such unspeakable acts. Women’s League will continue advocating for Jewish women while acknowledging the far-reaching effects of abuse on all individuals. To cite a recent article on EJewishPhilanthropy, “Over the past few weeks, our parshiot have told about Sodom and Gomorrah, Lot and his daughters, Abraham pretending Sarah is his sister (presumably without her consent), mistreating Hagar, and a host of other vignettes that suggest inappropriate behavior. There’s a lot there – we acknowledge that much has been said, and there is still more that we can teach when we revisit these narratives each year.” Women’s League will take the appropriate course of action when considering these controversial issues within Jewish life.

Finally, we acknowledge and respect the voices of the survivors who are able to speak out, and we are empathetic to those who remain silent. Women’s League will strive to foster awareness of this pressing issue – and to exercise responsibility in discouraging all forms of harassment.



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