Child Abuse (1984)

Women’s League is shocked and saddened by the statistics that have been reported about the growing number of children who are the unsuspecting victims of physical, mental and sexual abuse and pornographic exploitation. Child abuse and neglect usually occur in the privacy of the home, and it is difficult to know how many children are affected.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, in keeping with the highest teachings of our tradition, and valuing our children (banayikh) as our builders, (bonayikh) urges its Sisterhoods to:

  1. Create awareness and educate its members to the scope of this problem in the Jewish community and in the larger community as well.
  2. Support the development of programs in public schools, religious schools, youth groups, and synagogues to alert children to the dangers and to encourage them to report such abuses to a friend, relative, teacher or religious leader.
  3. Encourage members to become personally involved with family, friends and neighbors in recognizing abuses and seeking proper help.
  4. Promote strong legislation and adequate law enforcement governing abuse or neglect of children.
  5. Support and publicize the availability of treatment for the abusive family in order to stop the generation to generation transmission of the abusive cycle.
  6. Create a climate of response, support and compassion for child victims.