Success Bulletin 8

Spring into action with a spring membership campaign

Begin this program and watch as your membership blooms throughout the spring! There are forms and supporting material available in the Member Materials section under #5 Membership Matters.

  1. Bring together your membership chair, financial secretary and one or two members as the spring membership team.
  2. Look over your membership list from last year (and the year before!). Compare it to the per capita membership list on the Women’s League data base.
  3. Create a new list of all the women who did not rejoin sisterhood this year.
  4. Divide up the list. Have members of the team call each woman personally to ask her why she did not renew her sisterhood membership
    • If she says, “I just forgot” remind her to rejoin now. Tell her she can still send in her dues.
    • If she says, “I thought I was a member,” apologize and explain that her name is missing from the membership list. Ask her to send in her dues now.
    • If she says, “It doesn’t interest me,” let her know that sisterhood can provide programs that do meet her interests and ask her to share her ideas with your program committee. Explain that by joining a Women’s League sisterhood, she is adding her voice to tens of thousands of Conservative Jewish women around the world who are making an impact on the communities we live in. Ask her to join.
    • If she says, “I can’t make any of the meetings,” ask what times would be good for her and explain that different programs are scheduled at different times and that, by becoming a member, she can help plan a more inclusive schedule. Ask her to join.

Remind everyone that pariticipation in a Women’s League sisterhood gives every Conservative Jewish woman a voice and a vote as part of the network of Conservative Jewish women throughout North America. We need their votes. They need our voice. Ask them to join today!

Reenergize your programming with a Jewels in the Crown Award-winning idea

For Pesach

  • Charoset Tasting Bar with samples from around the world
  • Community women’s seder
  • Chocolate seder
  • Digital traditions: how to make your own haggadot on the computer
  • Use a variety of haggadot at your seder
  • Fair trade chocolate sales for Passover
  • Passover Family Feud/Passover Jeopardy
  • Pot luck pre-seder at home to share recipes and ideas for sedarim

For Mothers Day

  • Intergenerational service on Shabbat

For Shavuot

  • Cheesecake and blintzes extravaganza

Food, glorious food (and drink)

  • Get in the “Spirits” and mixology
  • Challah braiding

Special interest groups that celebrate the season

  • Walking club
  • Jewish mindfulness and meditation
  • Chicks Who Stitch

Do good while you work

  • Spring is the perfect time to start synagogue composting
  • While you clean out your closets for Pesach, collect for “Dress for Success”

And because it’s never too early to think about election day

  • Leading the Way: Jewish women’s voices in politics

More ideas for Shavuot

Host a day of study on the Book of Ruth using the Women’s League materials, including a workshop for creating Torah binders. Information is available in the Member Materials section under #18 Educational Materials.

Consulting Services

New name, new look, new focus

Your sisterhood’s per capita dues entitle you to an assortment of customized services fromWomen’s League designed to meet your sisterhood’s specific needs as well as to help you and your team in yuor leadership roles.

Find out how to enhance your sisterhood’s image in the synagogue and in the community.

Help your sisterhood thrive by helping your leadership acquire the information and skills they need.

Register today, online, for a seminar or workshop customized just for your sisterhood.

Plan ahead for the next administration

Spring usually means a new board and officers. Women’s League has several impressive scripts available to adapt for your sisterhood’s next installation, including an adaptation from the last convention perfect for a pre-Kabbalat Shabbat program.

Make the most of the Women’s League network

Many materials are available on the public pages of, but there are many more just for you! Log on and see for yourself.

  1. Login at
  2. If you do not have a password, please contact Rob Vincent (
  3. After you log in, you will see a screen with several choices. Click on Download WLCJ Member Materials.
  4. The next screen you see will have all the documents that are password protected for our members. Scroll through to find an array of helpful materials from Women’s League.