United States Constitution (1984)

Our American Constitution reflects the diversity and pluralism of the American people, and represents the enduring character of our democracy.

The impending call for a Constitutional Convention is a perilous threat to our constitutional liberties. Inherent in a Constitutional Convention is its great potential for sharp, bitter conflict with dangerous consequences to the nature and structure of the United States. The pitfalls and potential disastrous consequences of a Constitutional Convention are among the reasons it has never been used as a method for amending the Constitution.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, therefore, urges its Sisterhoods to:

  1. Develop an educational program within the Sisterhood and community leading to a full and comprehensive understanding of the perilous threat of a Constitutional Convention.
  2. Oppose any petition calling for a Constitutional Convention in those states where such legislation has not been passed.
  3. Urge state legislators to support legislation to rescind the petition for the Convention in those states which have already passed legislation calling for a Constitutional Convention.
  4. Join with responsible, like-minded groups to work against a Constitutional Convention.