Judaism – The Jewish Family (1986)

Strengthening the Jewish Family (1986)

The blessings of freedom, prosperity, unlimited opportunity and the benefits of advanced technology, which Jews of North America enjoy, bring with it the dangers of competition, hedonism, stress, nuclear annihilation, etc. The erosion of the traditional family structure has also contributed to current social difficulties including drug abuse, alcoholism, alienation, teenage suicide and assimilation.

The family values of our tradition have tangible benefits that need to be restored and enhanced if we are to survive as a vibrant Jewish people.

LEV NACH HAGGADAH (and you shall tell it to your child) and LEV NIEACH V’SHEHNANATAM (and you shall teach it to your children), the Rabbinic dicta, are priorities which need to be reaffirmed in our times.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism urges its Affiliates to vigorously pursue a program to strengthen the Jewish family, whether single parents, blended, nuclear or extended through:

  1. Adult study
  2. Celebration of Shabbat and holiday meals in the home and synagogue.
  3. Encouraging family attendance at synagogue
  4. Promoting meaningful communication among family members.
  5. Fostering positive family role models.

The Jewish Family (1980)

The Jewish family urgently needs revitalization through effective programs which address themselves to the family generally, and to its adult members specifically.

Therefore, Women’s League calls upon its Sisterhood members:

  1. To intensify the utilization of the League’s valuable materials and publications.
  2. To implement the Parent Education Programs of the United Synagogue Commission on Jewish Education.
  3. To promote family life education as a priority on the agenda for the Sisterhood, the Synagogue and the Community.