Supreme Court (1962)

Supreme Court Decision on Reapportionment (1962)

The United States Supreme Court decision on the Tennessee Reapportionment Case (Baker vs. Carr) ruled that failure to reapportion legislative seats in State Legislatures to reflect population changes resulted in discrimination against voters in heavily populated areas. It also ruled that voters can bring action in Federal Courts to effect a change in this situation.

National Women’s League urges Sisterhoods to become informed on the implications of this decision as it affects their State and local needs, and join with others in efforts to bring about equitable reapportionment.

Supreme Court (1958)

National Women’s League was deeply concerned at the strength manifested in the last session of Congress by forces aimed to curb the powers of the United States Supreme Court. The Butler-Jenner bill which sought to limit the tenure of office of the members of the United States Supreme Court, and to invest the Congress with authority to determine the scope and substance of constitutional guarantees, was defeated in the Senate by the narrow margin of a single vote.

Although it appears less likely to happen in the 86th Congress, National Women’s League urges its affiliated Sisterhoods to remain alert to any legislative measures which aim to over-ride decisions of the Supreme Court or to determine what matters may be considered by our highest tribunal.

We further urge the President to use the full powers of his office to implement the rulings of the Supreme Court.