Health – Purity and Safety of Food (2002)

The laws of Kashrut regarding permitted animals extend only to the shekhita (ritual slaughter) and the physical examination of the carcass by the mashgiah. There is presently nothing regarding regulating animal feed. Permitted animals (animals with split hooves who chew their cud and poultry) do not eat prey; they are herbivorous. In the past, feed for these animals was vegetarian, either by outdoor grazing or natural vegetable products.

In recent years, economics has driven the industry to include food radiation, seed genetic engineering, growth hormones fed to milk producing animals and meat by-product augmentation of feed.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, concerned about the purity and safety of the food we eat, urges its members to:

  1. Become educated consumers regarding the food we grow, import, buy and eat.
  2. Advocate for adequate investigative research and processes to safeguard our food supply.
  3. Petition the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and other appropriate agencies in proper testing of all imported and domestic food and food service establishments.