Health – Organ & Tissue Donation (1996)

Organ & Tissue Donation and Bone Marrow Registration (1996)

Jewish law, culture and tradition have always placed consideration for health and welfare of others at the very heart of Jewish values.

Organ and tissue donations as well as bone marrow registration are life-giving acts. Transplantation has shown scientific merit as a way to save the lives of persons with terminal diseases and can also restore sight and hearing.

The opportunity to bring healing and hope to an afflicted person by the family of someone who has died may provide a deep measure of comfort to the bereaved.

Those who do not receive organ, tissue and/or bone marrow donations continue to suffer and die primarily from the lack of awareness of donor consent. There is also failure of religious institutions to provide guidance in this matter.

Accordingly, the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Rabbinical Assembly has approved, under various conditions and circumstances, the donation of organs.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, in accordance with the Committee on Jewish Law and Standards of the Rabbinical Assembly, affirms the life-giving benefits of organ, tissue and bone marrow donation. We encourage enrollment in bone marrow registration and enrollment of eligible organ, tissue and bone marrow donors. By signing and carrying cards attesting to the commitment to donate such organs and tissues upon death, those in need will be helped.