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Negative Stereotyping of Jewish Women (1988)

Jewish American Princess “JAP” jokes, far from being harmless humor, are forms of negative stereotyping and prejudice which demean Jewish women. There is a growing use of the negative stereotype of a Jewish American Princess (JAP) as materialistic, self-indulgent, greedy and spoiled. This myth seems to have enjoyed a growing acceptance among Jews and non-Jews alike, as a result of increased marketing of materials (i.e. greeting cards, joke books, jewelry and T-shirts) that promulgate this negative image for mass consumption.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism urges its affiliates:

  1. To discontinue the sale of “JAP” items in their Judaica/Gift Shops.
  2. To discontinue the use of the term “JAP”.
  3. To educate their members and the larger community that the “JAP” stereotype is anti-woman, anti-Semitic, and demeaning.
  4. To work to raise the consciousness of their congregations and communities to the subtleties of discrimination in our daily lives.