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LGBTQ+ (2020)

LGBTQ+ Resolution (2020)

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism

LGBTQ+ Updated Version Part One Resolution LGBTQ+ Background Part Two Resolution

LGBTQ+ Background Part Two Resolution


“If I am not for myself, who will be for me? But if I am only for myself, who am I?” 

(Pirkei Avot, 1:14)

As members of a global community, we all deserve fundamental, inalienable 

rights. Only when we achieve these can we create a truly “civilized” society, living

 in harmony and benefiting from the gift of diversity.


1. Each individual “is created b’tzelem Elohim, in G-d’s Divine Image,” and since lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, (LGBTQ+) and non-binary Jews ”2are an integral part of our families, our synagogues and our communities,” 

2. The LGBTQ+ and non-binary community has endured constant threats of physical violence, rejection and painful alienation,

3. Discrimination of LGBTQ+ and non-binary individuals’ civil rights continues to occur in legislative forums


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2. The Rabbinical Assembly, (n.d.) accessed February 24, 2020, (Resolution: Whereas, Line 1) https://www.rabbinicalassembly.org/index.php/tzedek-justice/resolutions/resolutions-2011


THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Women’s League for Conservative Judaism:

  1. Includes, welcomes and accepts to our Sisterhoods any Jewish individual who identifies as a woman.
  2. Calls on Sisterhoods to increase awareness, understanding and concern for our fellow Jews who are LGBTQ+ and non-binary, by educating our
    members. (See Background section, p.2)
  3. Deplores violence,” and works toward promoting a safe and secure environment for all.
  4. Supports “full and equal civil rights” for LGBTQ+ and non-binary individuals.
  5. Advocates against legislation, at all levels of government, that discriminates.  Proactively works at all levels to support legislation that positively addresses equal rights of LGBTQ+ and non-binary individuals. (See Background section, p.3)


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