Israel – Israeli Soldiers in Captivity (2008)

Israeli Soldiers in Captivity (2008)


Since 1956 Israel has exchanged Israeli held prisoners of war for the return of Israelis held captive by various Arab nations. However, never before has Israel had to deal with the exchange of convicted terrorists for the return of captured Israeli soldiers or their remains. What has been unique in the recent negotiations for the return of IDF soldiers or their remains has been the calloused manner in which Hamas and Hezbollah have withheld information as to the whereabouts or the state of health of IDF captives.

Since the probability is that terrorist organizations such as Hamas and Hezbollah will continue to employ the tactics of repatriation demands as a bargaining chip for information as to the condition and status of IDF captives, in direct violation of the rules of civilized behavior when engaged in conflict, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism joins its voice to that of worldwide Jewry in pressing for action by world leaders on the issue of Israeli soldiers in captivity.

WHEREAS the terrorist organizations holding these Israeli soldiers or their remains are in direct violation of International Law, specifically the Geneva Conventions, which stipulate that prisoners of war have the right to treatment by the International Red Cross and communication with families, rights that Hamas and Hezbollah have not recognized, and

WHEREAS United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 calls for the unconditional release of named Israeli captives,

THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that Women’s League for Conservative Judaism through its sisterhood and region leadership:

  1. commits to work diligently to publicize to the broader community the illegal actions of terrorist organizations which hold Israeli captives, by participating in such activities that continue to call attention to the plight of these captives and their families;
  2. actively demonstrates support for the efforts of the Israeli government to obtain the release of the persons or remains of those captives now being held by terrorist organizations; and
  3. commends the efforts of Secretary General of the United Nations, the Honorable Ban Ki-Moon, and continues to advocate for the support of his efforts to achieve the return of captured and abducted Israeli soldiers.