Judaism – Humane Slaughtering (1962)

Humane Slaughtering

National Women’s League notes that the 85th Congress enacted federal legislation on humane slaughter which is limited to meat purchased by the government. This act may presage efforts to secure similar state laws and to extend the application of the federal law to all commerce in meat.

We urge our affiliated Sisterhoods to maintain close contact with their state legislative bodies in order to be alert to the introduction of such humane slaughter bills, and thereafter to take whatever action may be necessary to insure that such legislative proposals fully protect schechita, the Jewish religious method of slaughtering animals for food.

In addition to informative and educational activities on the subject within our groups, Sisterhoods should participate in the activity of the entire Jewish community to educate the general public with regard to the humaneness of schechita and the violation of religious liberty which is implicit in any threat to this Jewish religious method of slaughtering animals for human consumption.

Humane Slaughter (1962)

“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast.” – Proverbs 12:10

Human Slaughter legislation is continually being introduced into State Legislatures. The Jewish community must be alert so that laws which might be enacted do not endanger Jewish ritual slaughter (Shehita). Some of these bills were enacted, but due to concerted efforts of groups who consider this legislation a threat to religious liberty, they contained provisions to safeguard Shehita.

Recently, a new device (restraining pen) has received the approval of the U.S. Department of Agriculture and the Halakhic endorsement by rabbis of note, to substitute for the shackling and hoisting of beef animals preparatory to Shehita. This device is not suitable for smaller animals but experimentation is continuing to develop such a device.

National Women’s League urges Sisterhoods to be aware of efforts to introduce Humane Slaughter bills in their State Legislatures. We urge cooperation with the Jewish Community Relations Councils in the area, and when necessary, pressing for a provision which would acknowledge the humaneness of Shehita.

Humane Slaughter (1960)

“A righteous man regardeth the life of his beast.” – Proverbs 12:10

National Women’s League commends the Joint Advisory Committee of the Synagogue Council of America and the National Community Relations Advisory Council for its superb efforts during the past two years to safeguard Shehita – the Jewish ritual method of slaughter of animals for food. Proposed Humane Slaughter legislation in some states would have placed this religious right in jeopardy were it not for the alert and efficient efforts of the Joint Advisory Committee. In the few states where legislation was adopted, the humaneness of Shechita has been recognized and so stated in the legislation.

The Joint Advisory Committee is also to be congratulated on its sponsorship of a study on humane methods of restraint of animals prior to Shehita. The results may prove to be of immeasurable worth in making the slaughter of animals more humane and will help resolve the problem pertaining to Humane Slaughter legislation.

National Women’s League urges Sisterhoods and other concerned with the problem of Shehita and Humane Slaughter, to communicate with their local Jewish community Council or the Joint Advisory Committee whenever any legislative or other difficulties arise. Sharing these concerns with the Joint Advisory Committee will lead to concerted and effective action.