Human Environment (1978)

Human Environment (1978)

The world has not yet solved the problems of human environment which relate to the atmosphere, water and land. Many nations, both developed and developing, are finding it increasingly difficult to meet demands for water in agriculture, in domestic and industrial uses.

Therefore, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism urges:

  1. Nations to take measures to stop waste, pollution and other harmful practices and to develop new energy safeguards with the intention of keeping environmental pollution to a minimum;
  2. Nations to take measures for the protection of endangered animals, plants, wetlands and the world’s natural heritage of the sea;
  3. The United Nations and other agencies to find alternate ways to improve people’s lives through proper use of physical and social resources.

We urge the United States government to:

  1. Provide appropriate technical support to other nations in order to reach the target of clean water for all by 1990;
  2. Respond to requests from developing countries for appropriate technology in order to expand water for agriculture;
  3. Encourage relevant educational, research and training programs designed to explore means for conserving water through effective planning, management and the application of appropriate technology;
  4. Work with other nations to determine the effects of toxic substances on water quality and cooperate with other nations in speeding the development of the International Registry of Potentially Toxic Chemicals.