Government Procedures (1960)

In order that the will of the American people may be expressed upon all legislative proposals, so that majority rule prevails and decisions can be made after reasonable debate without being blocked by a minority in either House, National Women’s League urges that:

  1. SENATE RULE 22 be revised to limit debate. This rule permits filibustering, which has been the major barrier to the passage of effective Civil Rights and other social legislation in the Senate.National Women’s League urges its affiliated Sisterhoods to meet with or write their Senators before the 87th Congress convenes in January 1961 to enlist their support for the revision of Senate Rule 22 at the very opening of the 87th Congress.
  2. THE HOUSE RULES COMMITTEE has its powers restricted. This Committee often digs a grave for bills it does not like. It has arrogated to itself many powers, thus becoming a road bloc to the passage of liberal legislation.National Women’s League urges that the rules of the House of Representatives be amended so that bills reported by legislative committees reach the floor for consideration without undue delay.