Global Warming (2006)

Global warming is a serious concern. Scientists tell us that temperatures are rising, producing severe side effects: drought spread of disease and new viruses, drying of rivers, lakes, increase of insects, the rise and heating of the oceans, the decline of clean water. 2005 was the hottest year on record; hurricanes are more intense and frequent; glaciers are melting at a faster rate; sea levels are rising and eroding coastlines.

Global warming is directly related to human activity: the release of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere from burning gas, coal, oil. The rapid industrialization of the third world is adding exponentially to this condition. What comes out of industrial smoke stacks, trucks and automobiles stays in the atmosphere for 100 years.

It’s not too late to correct global warming. As US citizens, we are 5% of the world’s population yet we produce 25% of total greenhouse gas emissions. We have a responsibility to change this.

Therefore, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism supports:

  1. The United States government becoming a signer of the Kyoto Accord and cooperating with the nations of the world to reduce fossil fuel emissions;
  2. Development of a comprehensive and responsible national energy policy;
  3. Conservation in our homes, neighborhoods, and synagogues;
  4. Use of solar, wind, and alternative efficient, safe forms of power generation;
  5. The protection of forests and the replanting of trees which absorb carbon dioxide; a greenhouse gas;
  6. Production of energy efficient appliances and automobiles;
  7. Teaching in the schools and communities the effects of global warming.