Terrorism – Global Terrorism (2004)

Global terrorism is spawned in countries where there is no democracy and where fundamentalists stifle women and intellectuals. Terrorists shun modernity, technology, equality for women, and preach strict adherence and obedience to their fundamentalist philosophy. Terrorists hate those they deem enemies and will do anything to cause chaos, pain, fear and death to accomplish their aims. Their schools teach violence and hatred, providing religious justification for killing and rewarding homicidal attacks on civilians. They spread their message of hatred via the internet which gives them fast, easy access to followers of their philosophy.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism urges the nations of the world to increase efforts to:

  1. Share intelligence to find the terrorist leaders and bring them to justice;
  2. Punish those persons, businesses or governments which finance terrorist cells;
  3. Shut down charitable organizations that funnel funds to terrorists;
  4. Enforce international strategies to bar nuclear, chemical and biological weapons and materials to keep them from getting into the hands of terrorists. This applies to “non-actors” – those who enable others to engage in violent acts;
  5. Foster international cooperation with intelligence gathering and law enforcement communities, while expediting the tracking of financing terrorist organizations, and without compromising the integrity of the law and individual civil liberties;
  6. Eliminate the vehicles of hatred that breed terrorism via textbook, school curricula, internet and sermons by radical religious leaders.