World Judaism – Germany (1952)

“And think that by merely uttering words you will be saved, saved to continue all these abominations?” – Jeremiah 7:10

WHEREAS, removal of the Nazi influence from Western Germany has not been successful, and

WHEREAS, the policy of strengthening Germany, which was accepted by our government because of the need to insure the survival of the free nations of the world, has resulted in the appointment of many persons tainted with Nazi doctrines to positions of influence,

NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that National Women’s League of the United Synagogue urge the United States government to exert greater effort to:

  1. Spread American democratic ideals among the German people:
  2. Strongly urge the German government to desist from pardoning prisoners of war who were sentenced for war crimes by an international court:
  3. Alert the German government against appointing to responsible positions, persons whose acts and utterances indicate Nazi influence:
  4. Prevent German troops contributed to the Western Army from being commanded by officers of the German military caste who were responsible for initiating two aggressive wars.