Drugs (1984)

Driving Under the Influence of Mind-Altering Drugs (1984)

The widespread abuse of mind-altering drugs, which cuts across social, religious and economic lines, is contributing to the high incidence of motor vehicle accidents.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism supports and urges its Sisterhoods to:

  1. Promote strong legislation, with strict penalties and adequate law enforcement;
  2. Encourage development of appropriate on-the-spot testing for the presence in the body of mind-altering drugs at levels sufficient to impair driving judgment;
  3. Encourage educational programs in the schools on the dangers of driving under the influence of mind-altering drugs.

Control of Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse (1984)

“The growing problem of narcotic drugs has become a major international anxiety, not least because of its effect on the future of children and young people. It has become more and more evident that international and multilateral efforts provide the best hope for arresting and reducing the traffic in and use of drugs, which have such an appalling effect on both individuals and the societies in which they live.”

-Secretary-General Javier Pérez de Cuéllar

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism supports the United Nations Declaration on the Control of Drug Trafficking and Drug Abuse and urges its Affiliates to:

Include programs on the growth and danger of drug trafficking and drug abuse.

Support legislation and government efforts to work with other nations to find adequate controls and solutions.

Drugs (1974)

While millions are spent on policing and “cures”, drugs continue to pour into our country, and addiction spreads rapidly among children as well as adults. Unless the death-dealing opium crops can be halted abroad, where they grow and are processed into heroin, etc., our efforts against smugglers, pushers and criminals who thrive on the drug traffic will be futile. The urgent need is for effective international control of drugs at their source.

We therefore urge our government to utilize the services of the United Nations in exercising its influence over its member nations to cooperate in stopping the production of heroin and other drugs at their source. We also urge our government to give added, support to the U.N. COMMISSION FOR NARCOTIC DRUGS, which has been charged with the control of narcotic drugs and the elimination of narcotic-yielding crops at the source.

Drug Abuse (1974)

The use and abuse of drugs has become a grave menace in the United States, Canada and throughout the world. Women’s League for Conservative Judaism recognizes that:

Multiple drug abuse has reached gigantic proportions encompassing not only illegal drugs, but also those sold legally over the counter for self-medication. Alcohol, as the #1 drug, presents the worst problem today.

Alcoholism and drug abuse are the symptoms, not the problem.

Therefore, we urge our Sisterhoods to:

  1. Develop educational programming, in depth, to help guided parents in establishing meaningful relationships with their children and to help them understand drug abuse and use;
  2. Serve as catalysts to initiate communitywide efforts in the education and treatment of use and abuse of drugs and alcoholism, and to participate in already existing programs;
  3. Urge our governments to subsidize new and intensive research and evaluation programs in order to institute preventive alcoholism and drug abuse programs on a nationwide basis;
  4. Urge our governments to participate in the United Nations program for international control of drug traffic; (see UN resolution)
  5. Encourage and strengthen the cooperative efforts of the United Synagogue and the Rabbinical Assembly in their work in this field.