Equal Rights – People with Disabilities (1990)

Rights of the Disabled (1990)

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism has a long history of commitment to providing services for the disabled, from Sisterhood brailing, recording and large type printing to national sponsorship of films, libraries and financial support.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism promotes the right of the disabled to participate more fully in the social, economic and educational life of our society and to have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of technological progress. Therefore, we urge our Synagogues in cooperation with our Sisterhood/Affiliates to:

  1. Encourage Synagogue accessibility.
  2. Encourage aids for the hearing and visually impaired in the Synagogue.
  3. Encourage individual members to provide services to the disabled including, but not limited to, essential transportation, reading to the visually impaired, visiting hospitals and nursing homes, brailing, recording talking books, offering friendship, etc.
  4. Support legislation for compliance with a comprehensive prohibition of discrimination on the basis of disability in employment, public accommodations, public transportation, public services and telecommunications.