Concentration Camps (1996)

Sanctity of Concentration Camps Year (1996)

Fifty years after the end of World War II and the full realization of the horror of the Nazi war machine and the concentration camps, we are still coming to grips with many unresolved issues. Among them is how to commemorate, how to absorb the atrocities of that period.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, recognizing that millions of people of diverse religious and ethnic backgrounds were murdered by the Nazis, is disturbed by efforts to alter, devalue or minimize the Holocaust or to deny the fact that Jews were the primary victims.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism urges that all countries which harbored death and concentration camps protect the sanctity of these camps by banning all trivial and commercial enterprise from the camp sites and their periphery.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism opposes any efforts to alter the sites and calls upon the international governmental and religious community to preserve the death and concentration camps as a witness to the destruction of European Jewry.