Child Care (1988)

The rising number of working mothers has catapulted the issue of day care into the foreground. Women are in the workplace in greater numbers than ever before, with most mothers working out of economic need.

Millions of families find it difficult, if not impossible, to find safe, accessible, affordable and quality child care. This is a problem that will affect society as a whole, as much of the next generation will be raised in large part by child care workers.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism supports:

  1. Increased role of the Federal, State and Local Governments in meeting the widespread and growing need for safe, affordable, accessible and quality child care for families of all incomes.
  2. Increased role of private industry in meeting the child care needs of their employees.
  3. Government guidelines and regulations for child care centers, as well as providing workers with a competitive salary scale commensurate with licensing and certification in the field.