Judaism – Centennial of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America (1986)

The Jewish Theological Seminary, now celebrating its Centennial, is a vastly different institution from what it was in 1886, the year of its founding. Originally a small school for the training of rabbis, the Seminary now includes:

  • The Rabbinical Schools in New York and Jerusalem
  • The Cantors Institute-Seminary College of Jewish Music
  • The Graduate School
  • The Seminary College of Jewish Studies
  • The Prozdor
  • The University of Judaism, Los Angeles
  • The American Student Center, Neve Schechter, Jerusalem
  • The Library
  • The Louis Finkelstein Institute of Religious and Social Studies
  • The Melton Research Center
  • The Eternal Light television and radio interfaith programs
  • The Schocken Institute, Jerusalem
  • The Ramah Camps
  • The Jewish Museum

The dynamic growth of the Seminary is due, in large part, to its response to the social and religious challenges of our age. It provides Jewish and non-Jewish communities with Jewish perspectives on the problems that face us all.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism congratulates The Jewish Theological Seminary for its first 100 years of academic and spiritual leadership. We reaffirm our commitment to and support of its diverse and expanding agenda and look forward to the next century of continued growth and achievement.