Bombings of Houses of Worship (1958)

National Women’s League is outraged at the series of bombings and threats of bombings of homes, schools and houses of worship which have taken place. We commend the vigorous offer of aid to local and state police agencies by the Federal Bureau of Investigation to assist in the apprehension of the perpetrators of the willful destruction of property.

We call on the 86th Congress promptly to enact legislation which will empower the Department of Justice to intervene in cases of bombings of private and public buildings.

There is urgent need for the restoration of the high moral tone of American life which has been weakened by the effects of continued defiance of the law of our land by some citizens and public officials. The use of violence to intimidate the members of a religious group can only result in the ultimate loss of freedom for all peoples.

We applaud the forthright voice of our President in speaking against these outrages and his direct request for federal assistance in these matters. We seek his strong leadership in upholding our traditional recognition of the right of all peoples to worship their God free of fear. We urge our President to convene a National While House Conference on law and order to rally the people of our nation in support of the principles of equality and obedience to law.