Environment – Biodiversity – Social Action (1996)

Biodiversity – Social Action (1996)

The Bible mandates us to tend God’s garden; that the world is a precious gift that has been entrusted to humanity. Therefore, it is our obligation, to ensure that nothing we do diminishes any of God’s creations.

The principle of Biodiversity (biological diversity) concerns itself with the living organisms in a particular habitat or geographic area. A diversity of species is important to the natural functioning of ecosystems, and biodiversity is an indication of the health of an environment. It is also valued for aesthetic enjoyment, as well as for natural products such as foods and drugs.

Our human population, science and technology have caused a threat to biological diversity. Through neglect, greed and a lack of understanding, we have diminished, and in numerous cases eradicated, complete species. Although some laws have been passed to protect threatened and endangered species, experience has proven that species are best preserved when their natural habitats remain intact.

We are not yet fully aware of everything on earth and do not know the individual purpose of every species. By destroying areas of the earth and its species, we not only upset the natural balance but possibly prevent the discovery of medicines.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism urges:

  1. Monitoring of laws or projects that would endanger the continued existence of any species.
  2. Taking the initiative to bring together local groups to determine a plan of action to create a balance between technology and environment.
  3. Conservation of natural resources.
  4. Reduction of waste.