Bicentennial (1974)

1974 – The Observance of the Bicentennial

As the event of the Bicentennial of our nation’s birth approaches, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism joins with other Americans in honoring the memory of America’s Founding Fathers. The solid foundation of government which they bequeathed to future generations in the instruments of the Declaration of Independence, the United States Constitution and other documents, has withstood the test of these 198 years.

The perfect democratic society envisioned by our Founding Fathers has not yet been reached. In every generation, forces arise which attempt to deny liberty and freedom to some Americans, but vigilance must be exercised to guard the Constitution and its great ideals. Every crisis in our national life has been resolved by adhering to the Constitution and upholding its laws. Members of Women’s League, as American Synagogue women, live and are motivated by the ideals of Judaism and Americanism. We believe that the great moral and ethical principles of Judaism, which guided and influenced the Founding Fathers in writing the U.S. Constitution, continue to contribute greatly to strengthen our nation.

Therefore, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism recommends that Sisterhoods:

  1. Join and cooperate with other civic and religious groups in celebrating the Bicentennial;
  2. Initiate study groups or join existing ones to learn what democracy means; how it works and how we can strengthen it; and to study, in depth, our nation’s history and current development;
  3. Become involved in government on the local, state and national levels; to participate in the work of Sisterhood, Branch and National Social Action Committees.