Israel – Arab Propaganda in the United States (1956)

Arab Propaganda in the United States (1956)

“Thou Shalt Not Hate Thy Brother in Thy Heart.” – Leviticus 19:17

Arab states in their efforts to destroy Israel have engaged in a pernicious propaganda program against American Jews. They have won the cooperation of organizations such as the American Friends of the Middle East and the American Council for Judaism. These organizations are spreading falsehoods and distortions which emanate from the Arab propaganda machine.

In violation of their diplomatic status, Arab consular and embassy officials are collaborating with American anti-Semitic groups, Students from Arab countries, attending our American colleges, are abusing our hospitality by flooding our schools with anti-Jewish propaganda.

National Women’s League deplores such hate propaganda which harms the best interests of the United States and sets American against American. We call upon our government to curb the activities of the Arab diplomatic officials which extend beyond their legitimate scope of diplomatic functions.

National Women’s League urges all Sisterhoods to counter this propaganda as follows:

  1. Sisterhood members should send authoritative material on this subject to children at college, in order that Jewish college youth be prepared to recognize and counter Arab propaganda. For such literature write to the National Social Action Committee of National Women’s League.
  2. When Sisterhood members are aware that Middle Eastern affairs are to be discussed on the radio, on television or at a public meeting, they should urge the producers of the program to present both sides of the subject with qualified speakers and an equal allotment of time.
  3. Sisterhood members should supply public and college libraries with authoritative books and periodicals dealing with the Middle East. This can be done by subscribing or donating such literature.