Arab Discrimination Against American Citizens (1962)

Arab Discrimination Against American Citizens (1962)

“Thou shalt not hate thy brother in thy heart.” – Leviticus 19:17

The protection of the rights of the U.S. citizen to travel, to pursue lawful trade, and to engage in other activities abroad without distinction because of race or religion, is one of the essential attributes of American citizenship.

The 1956 and 1960 Republican and Democratic Conventions promised to bring a halt to our Government’s acquiescence to Arab discrimination against American citizens because of their religion.

We welcome the unanimous passage by Congress of a provision in the Foreign Aid Law which requires the President to report annually to Congress on the progress made in the elimination of such discrimination against American citizens. We look forward to such reports of progress from the President.

National Women’s League further calls upon the Government of the United States to preserve the integrity of American citizenship by:

  1. Challenging through appropriate diplomatic channels, the violations of the rights of American citizens;
  2. Ending the screening of citizens for government service abroad on racial or religious grounds;
  3. Rejecting provisions in all treaties and executive agreements which, implicitly or explicitly, deny to American citizens rights of travel, employment or promotion, because of religion or race;
  4. Calling upon the Federal and State anti-Discrimination Agencies to reveal and oppose any practice of religious or racial prejudice by Arab countries in the hiring or placement of Americans.

Arab Discrimination Against American Citizens (1956)

The government of the United States, by acquiescing in open and flagrant acts of discrimination by the Arab states against American citizens on the basis of their religious beliefs, appears to be condoning practices that, are in utter violation of the fundamental principles of religious liberty and equality of citizenship. These acts of discrimination include the following:

  1. Americans of the Jewish faith are excluded from serving in Arab countries in American military, diplomatic and civilian capacities.
  2. Arab countries refuse to honor American passports carried by Jews.
  3. The Arab countries are conducting a boycott against American business firms which employ Jews or which have Jewish stockholders or directors.
  4. Arab consular and diplomatic officials in this country lend their offices to the implementation of such boycotts and to spreading anti-Semitism.
  5. At the Dhahran Air Base in Saudi Arabia, Christian military chaplains are prohibited from publicizing their religious services and from wearing their religious insignia.

We note with gratification that the United States Senate has unanimously passed a resolution on preserving the integrity of United States citizenship, that both major political parties have adopted platform planks on this matter, and that the President’s Committee on Government Employment Policy has taken this matter under consideration.