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Amnesty (Vietnam) (1974)

Amnesty (Vietnam) (1974)

Although our participation in the Vietnamese War has ended, many thousands of American youths, opposed to service in that war, remain in exile or suffer the consequences of their opposition. However, the time has come for a spirit of national reconciliation to pervade in the quest for an equitable solution to this problem.

To debate the morality of this war is non-constructive. Our purpose is to restore this large number of young men to useful citizenship in a manner conducive to maintaining national harmony.

Therefore, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism recommends:

  1. Amnesty for all those who failed to register or to accept induction, who deserted, or who received dishonorable discharges because of their objections to the war, subject to compensatory, non-military service.
  2. Complete Amnesty for those who have served prison terms for their opposition to military service.
  3. No Amnesty for those guilty of non-military crimes.