Health – AIDS (1988)

We are experiencing the worst world public health crisis faced in modern times, the Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS), a disease which has the possibility of devastating society.

Confusion, ignorance and denial are among the most common responses to the AIDS epidemic. The religious community has a responsibility to help build awareness and sensitivity, Jewish tradition charges us to comfort those who are afflicted in the spirit of love and compassion.

Therefore, Women’s League for Conservative Judaism calls upon its members to:

  1. Show compassion to all those affected: patients, parents, partners, families, and friends.
  2. Decry all unjust discrimination in such areas as medical attention, housing, insurance, employment and educational opportunities.
  3. Encourage programs designed for all members of our congregations, especially the youth, to educate and provide guidelines on the prevention of AIDS.
  4. Urge the television and radio networks to accept paid advertisements on condoms and other preventive measures, or to present such information as public service announcements. (Adopted by the National Board, February 11, 1987).
  5. Work with responsible groups in the community, and health organizations to educate and to disseminate information to the general public.
  6. Call upon the government, local and federal, to put in place emergency health measures and funds to adequately meet the urgency of the current epidemic.