Hunger – Feeding the Hungry (1986)

The blessing Jews recite after meals praise God for providing every Creature with food and sustenance (hazon et hakol). However, while the total world food supply is bountiful, millions of men, women and children perish each year for lack of adequate nourishment.

Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, mindful of the teachings of our tradition resolves to:

Support re-examination of government policies which encourage fields to lie fallow, excess livestock to be slaughtered, and surplus milk and grain products to stockpile, unused in warehouses, to assess ways to more equitably distribute surplus food to the needy.

Urge Affiliates to support programs such as:

“City Harvest” and “Sova” which redistributes good food from restaurants, caterers, and organizations to the poor and hungry.

“Mazon” which seeks a voluntary tax on the cost of Simchas, to be distributed to relief organizations