Public Policy


On the domestic scene,  Women’s League maintains a comprehensive set of resolutions on issues of concern to its members; encourages its members to be proactive advocates; and partners with responsible organizations on issues of common concern. Women’s League has supported a broad array of positions to enhance the democratic pluralistic society in which we live.

Some of the issues with which Women’s League is actively involved are:

  • Supporting the White House on Contraceptive Coverage In Health Care Reform (2012)
  • Protesting the attacked against women in Israel (2012)
  • Responding to the economic decline (2011)
  • Promoting gender equality
  • The environment
  • Autism and Human Rights: Understanding and Safeguarding the Rights of People with Autism (UN 2009)
  • Support for victims of natural and other disasters
  • Pending legislation in both the United States and Canada
  • Support of Jewish members of the armed forces
  • Reproductive choice
  • Gun control
  • Expansion of hate crime laws
  • Expanded health care
  • Sex education in public schools
  • Environmentally responsible legislation
  • Fair immigration laws, civil liberties and human rights


You can make a difference for the Jewish community through advocacy. Seniors need medicine. The disabled need assistance. Refugees need help finding jobs. When critical issues are debated in Washington, your voice counts. Keep our nation’s decision makers focused on our issues. Call, email, fax, write to your Members of Congress and tell them about issues of importance to the Jewish community.

To locate your Member of Congress go to President Joe Biden can be reached at

Sending an advocacy letter to a public official is a very easy and productive way to take action; it is the main vehicle by which elected and appointed officials are informed about public opinion. Women’s League has prepared a guide for writing such letters that is available to members.

Jewish Council for Public Affairs

A Women’s League representative sits on the Jewish Council for Public Affairs (JCPA).