World Wide Wrap

Sunday, February 11, 2024    
All Day

This event is all day

The Theme for
World Wide Wrap 2024 is
“Wrap for Israel”

Wrapping Tefillin

in Solidarity with Israel

Reach out to all club members and congregants. Encourage them to wrap tefillin in solidarity with the IDF soldiers and hostages who are unable to wrap themselves. 

This can be done by individuals or in groups. Please photograph the event and post your group photos and/or selfies on Facebook at by tagging FJMC_hq.

February 11, 2024



Here’s a checklist of some action items clubs should now be addressing. 

1. Register on website.
Be one of the top 50 and register now!

Remember, you must register your club to qualify for a Quality Club Award

2. Have a Plan for your Club’s Wrap programming incorporating this year’s theme, “Wrap for Israel” including the solidarity wrap initiative. 

3. Send out publicity now
Save the Date: Sunday, February 11, 2024.

Thank you. 

In Brotherhood, 

Len Abrams
2024 World Wide Wrap Chair

Bill Becker
2024 World Wide Wrap Co-Chair

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