Women’s League Bylaws Caucus Session I

Thursday, June 2, 2022    
1:00 pm EDT

[This Program is scheduled on Eastern Time Zone]

Thursday, June 2nd
1:00 PM EST

Dear WLCJ member:
The Women’s League Bylaws Revision Committee is charged with reviewing the Bylaws from time to time and recommending necessary changes. After an exhaustive review of our current Bylaws (adopted in 2006 and last revised in 2020), we are recommending the adoption of new bylaws. There were more than 40 changes needed to bring the bylaws up-to-date due to the advance of technology as well as be consistent with current practice.

Upon registering, you will receive links to these three documents: 
To help us prepare for this workshop, please review all three attachments carefully and submit your questions to Marilyn Berkowitz, International Parliamentarian at mberkowitz@wlcj.org no later than May 31st
We will be holding 2 caucus sessions to answer any questions and explain the rationale for the proposed bylaws. 
Our Women’s League for Conservative Judaism state that our bylaws need to be approved by our general membership. This meeting will be on June 15th (you will receive information about this meeting separately) at which the following motion will be presented for a vote: 
 “Repeal the WLCJ Bylaws adopted in 2006 and last amended in 2020 and adopt the 2022 proposed bylaws.”
The new bylaws will take effect upon adoption.
Bylaws Revision Committee
Marilyn Berkowitz, Parliamentarian and Chair
Barbara Safer
Cory Schneider
Shelley Szwalbenest
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