WLCJ Special Program: Understanding Trauma’s Impacts: Why am I feeling this way?

Monday, October 30, 2023    
7:00 pm EDT - 8:00 pm EDT

[This Program is scheduled on Eastern Time Zone]

Understanding Trauma’s Impacts: Why am I feeling this way? 

Monday, October 30th, 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm ET

In this session, we will look at ways in which trauma activation and PTSD impact and interfere with everyday functioning. We will also explore important ways in which the unfolding events in Israel are different from the “standard” pattern of communal disasters, and therefore may evoke more complex responses within us and look at some techniques which might help moment to moment. 


Ordained in 1999 from the Jewish Theological Seminary, Rabbi Beth Naditch additionally holds a Master’s Degree in Education. Her clinical areas of interest include geriatric chaplaincy, as well as trauma-informed care. Rabbi Naditch’s chaplaincy efforts after 9/11 in NYC, and her work with the leadership of the  Pittsburgh Jewish community after the 2018 synagogue shooting have deepened her expertise and understanding of spiritual care in the wake of communal disaster. In 2019, Rabbi Naditch won an Innovative Projects grant from the ACPE to develop a chaplaincy education unit on this topic, the lessons of which she applied to the COVID-19 pandemic when extraordinary stresses emerged with no clear end date. Rabbi Naditch is an ACPE Certified Educator at Hebrew SeniorLife in Dedham, MA, where she teaches the art and skills of spiritual care to future clergy of all faiths and others dedicated to geriatric spiritual care.  She also teaches widely in the greater Boston area, including a long-running women’s Torah study class at Mayyim Hayyim. Rabbi Naditch co-authored and edited Halleli Nafshi, a siddur for elementary aged children and youth which is used in Schecther and community day schools across the country. She and her husband are the parents of three children, two of whom are currently college students. They live in Newton, MA, and are proud members of several communities: The Walnut Street Minyan, Camp Akeela Family Camp, the Camp Ramah Family, Gann Academy, Brandeis University, and Ha-Zamir: The International Jewish Teen Choir.



Rabbi Ellen S. Wolintz-Fields
WLCJ Executive Director

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