Sichot beyn Achayot: Conversations between SISTERS – Workshop 3

Sunday, December 12, 2021    
1:00 pm EST - 2:30 pm EST

Workshop 3

Topic: Conversations Between Conservative and Masorti Sisters
Three pairs of women will each explore some aspect of living Jewishly as a Conservative/ Masorti Jew, comparing life in North America to life in Israel. Following the 3 conversations, all participants will be invited to participate in breakout rooms, where women from both sides of the Atlantic will have the opportunity to engage in conversation. 
Conversation 1: Comparing the Nativ/College Experience to the IDF/College Experience
Women’s League: Aliza Bromberg Gaber, Graduate Student at Tufts University
Masorti Olami: Yaarat Dvash Yehoshua, College Student in Jerusalem
Conversation 2: Living Jewishly In a Minority vs. A Majority Population
Women’s League: Ellie Kremer, Israel Chair and Mothers of Olim Net
Masorti Olami: Sophie Fellman Rafolovich, National Chairperson Masorti Movement in Israel
Conversation 3: Being A Lay Leader in the Conservative/Masorti Movement
Women’s League: Debbi Kaner Goldich, WLCJ International President
Masorti Olami: Alexis Silverman, IPP Kehilat Moreshet Avraham (KMA), East Talpiot
Program funded by: generous grant from KKL/MERCAZ
This program is designed to foster a deeper mutual understanding between the members of WLCJ in North America and the Masorti Olami women of Israel. It is designed to address the question, “How are we the same, and how are we different?
Each of the 3 workshops will address this question by concentrating on one specific issue that is both relevant and timely to us all, and will include presentations from 2 speakers, one from each side of the Atlantic. This workshop will conclude with breakout rooms in which participants will have an opportunity to join the conversation. Click here for the Conversations Between Sisters_3 Workshops Flyer.
Registration for each session will be separate. This registration is for the October 17th session only. Registration for the other two programs in November and December will have separate registration links.

Participation in this program is a benefit of your membership. 
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