Personal Conversations–What’s Good About Aging?

Thursday, January 21, 2021    
8:00 pm EST

What’s Good About Aging?
…and at times when it’s not, how can seniors and their families manage the challenges with less stress?
Renee Glazier, a certified Geriatric Care Manager, now retired, will present a program that takes us through the positives that come with aging, along with its challenges. 
She will not only talk about the aging process and its implications but will offer suggestions for those who are in the sandwiched generation, giving them tools to navigate this highly emotional time in life. She has coached seniors and their loved ones on ways to preserve dignity and independence, all while managing medical, social, financial and logistical challenges. Bring your questions!
Renee has held numerous board and executive committee positions with Women’s League. Just a few of her roles were as consultant and trainer, chair of social action and editor of Outlook.

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